Inns of Color

Tamera Coleman’s independently produced web series “Inns of Color” highlights the history of African-American travel and showcases a collective of five uniquely-themed African-American-owned bed and breakfasts. Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, lodging choices were limited for African-Americans who traveled. Because of segregation, traveling families and entertainers had few places to stay. African-American families began opening their homes to these travelers, eventually establishing guest houses and hotels.

Spotlighting the vibrant cultural tradition of African-American inn-keeping, the series takes viewers on journeys to the Harlem Renaissance, Long Island’s wine country and even to parishes of Jamaica. Each vignette is hosted by the innkeepers of these unique B&B’s, who invite viewers into their guest rooms, dish up breakfast and share stories of the culture infusing these homes-away-from-home. Narrated by Molette Green, a Washington, D.C., broadcast journalist, these five portraits were videotaped in high definition with the Sony Z1U and finished on Final Cut Pro X. Presented in Partnership with LookaStory Pictures, LLP.