Tamera Coleman

Tamera Coleman, a.k.a. MediaMadam, is a multi-talented content creator, producer, and distributor. Her media career spans 25+ years, during which she has managed content for multiple distribution platforms including network and local news, the web, government, cable and emerging OTT platforms. Her areas of expertise range from cultivating content provider relationships, to implementing operational efficiencies within the digital supply chain, as well as strategizing new product development. 

A creative content developer and producer, Tamera credits her early newsroom experience for honing her research, writing and organizational skills, leading to opportunities writing editorial promos for the PBS National Programming Schedule and the AOL Health Channel. 

A self-characterized “information archaeologist,” Tamera is relentless when digging for hard-to-find information. Her innate gift for research has served her well, from navigating the labyrinth of new media start-ups to uncovering her own mitochondrial African ancestry as a descendant of the Tikar Tribe of Cameroon.

Her great passion for and preservation of African-American history and culture led to her independently produced web series, “Inns of Color,” which highlights African-American travel before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and showcases a collective of five uniquely-themed African-American-owned bed and breakfasts.

Currently in development is “The Grape Harvest,” a video spotlighting “Vintners of Color.”

Tamera holds a master’s degree in producing visual media from American University and a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Howard University.